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Vehicle Wishlist-A Blast from The Past Episode 2


Vehicle Wishlist Part 2  

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  1. 1. What Vehicle from any other GTA game, would you like to see in GTA V?

    • Vortex (An all terrain vehicle, moderate speed, very slippery handling more commonly known as the Hovercraft-First appeared in GTA SA)
    • ZR-350 (A wonderful looking car for its generation, based of a Mazda RX-7, also CJ's personal race car-First appeared in GTA SA) Thanks to OldSchoolCheetah
    • Borgnine ( This is a Taxi Cab features a very unique style, fully painted in what looks to be blood, with awesome spikes on the front, imagine driving around as Trevor in this beast-First appeared in GTA III) Thanks to Zodape
    • Polaris V8 (If this were in GTA V I would expect some amazing customization, you may remember driving prostitutes in this-First appeared in GTA VCS) Thanks to Killahmatic
    • Hydra (This classic fighter jet was in the BETA of GTA V but stupidly removed, it features flares, lock-on missiles and could be flown like a helicopter or plane-First appeared in GTA SA)
    • Euros (Based off a Nissan 300ZX quite slow, great handling, quite a popular request-First appeared in GTA SA)

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Hey guys, this is the second installment to my Vehicle Wishlist where I have a number of different vehicles from previous GTA games and you pick the one you would love to see in GTA V.
Please comment below and share your choice and maybe a suggestion for my next episode. :)


Remember NO JETPACK!!!

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Definitely the vortex, or the Bovver'64 for from VCS.

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Sussus Amongus

Gotta love that Borgine! Just unlocked it on my tablet in GTA III <3. The old games are so damn fun mate :)

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Hydra, I would like to see it returning. Of course we have the P-996 Lazer, but I think the Hydra would be better.

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(pardon the mod)



am I asking too much?

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