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best ways to make money and rank up


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Rooftop when you hit lvl 75 (what level are you anyway?). Friends, a mix up of robbery and cop baiting (Ok not the best but if you want to waste minutes to think what your at or try a bit of shooting (or just want to play with your tank, ) then you'll net 50rp every 2-3 minute but you get 500rp for loosing a 5 star wanted level). gang attacks, races.


An idea I've used a couple of times is to draw up a playlist and jump in and out of it between running random missions to play with others

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Satellite Communications, LS Connection and the Crystal Clear Outs are the best RP Missions for time taken (and lack of boredom thresholds IMO) although LSC is very long winded (but you can amass similar RP and Money figures if you claim the crates and hang about to kill all the enemies (60 total at 25 rp a pop is over a 1000 rp on top of the 2-3 thousand for the mission) and there is an interesting variation in activities). Satellite is about 4000+ on hard in solo and doable in about 4-5 min. Crystals are between 1 and 2 thousand but are very quick and good for simple blasting (buzzard practice) you can amass 30 times 25 rp in crystal 3. Other than this Mixed up and any time out missions/activities you have will break any monotony.

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I'm at 74

You should own a Buzzard by now! CCIII, Mixed up with coke, Judging the Jury, and 5 or 6 more. Do them all in Free Aim and you'll make cash and RP quick without having to repeat the same mission over and over.

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