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GTAIII : Change gang models


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I wanna change gang models in gta 3. I tried the 0235 opcode, but that is only for VC (unhandled exception on loading), "0410: override_gang_model 6 0" seems to be for GTA III instad of 0235, but to be honest i have no idea, what 6 an 0 stands for. If anyone can help, could you please write an example, like changing the hoods (gang6) to eg. medic man and women, or any models you prefer, also if 6 and 0 means some ped numbers, where can i find a list of them? i'd like to make it work, but all scripts i wrote did not change anything :(, i really hope we can get this problem solved somehow :)

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Try editing the default.ide file and change the CIVMALE/CIVFEMALE of the ped you want to GANG6 if you want that ped to be a member of the Hoods ;)

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