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Hey, Check This Out! GTA 6 Easter Egg.


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Hey, guys, I'm back, Kindled, for who knows how long(1 month?)...


I was surfing YouTube and came upon this.


Quit staring at that thumbnail... What do you guys think of it? (the video, you perverted goose) I think it's pretty legit.

I don't think this should be moved because, technically, it is GTA V related, so, ha!


I'm not sure if any one saw me around during Pre-Launch days but I made theories (foiled theories :() of the setting of V.

And now it can come into place finally. In VI form, if you catch my drift. :)


I've practically spread this across any possible thread that had to do with GTA 6.(Below)


Neither. We need an unexpected GTA map for once.


Nevertheless, categorically based on the matter of the next gen, games like "The Crew", are able to hold such power. Why can't a GTA game ever be based around the whole U.S. Including the most known states? It's time for a new place(s).

I'd like to see that type of setting. Wouldn't you? ;)


The map of GTA I'm thinking probably won't be scaled, nor geographically correct, but it's the closest you can conceptualize.


I mentioned this because I'm quite interested in map-making and The Crew"s setting. And I'm just an artist, that doesn't have anything to do with this, does it? :/

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The Crew's map will probably be something similar to the Euro Truckers games where it's the US scaled down to 1/19th or more. They are fun games if you like to drive, but in no way are representative of the real European countries. You can make 350km trips in 20 minutes.


And the reason that game is so big map wise is probably why The Crew will be too. It's basically a map with some building, really really simple AI and that is it. GTA III probably has 10x more complex AI than any Euro Trucker or The Crew will have. Those games can have large maps because that is all the game is. A driving game.


GTA is packed with content whether you like the games or not, you can't deny that fact. A GTA game with a 5,000 mile wide map would be awesome, but I am happy with what we got in V and am excited for the future.


As for your video... um, I don't really have anything to say. That'd put Tommy at like 61 at the very least, no?

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Well, unless someone would like to prove this theory wrong, then...

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– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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