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Story Mode should of had its own MP

GTA Master 007

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GTA Master 007

It should of been just for the guys who want to play the game for fun. It should of been the unranked version of MP where anything goes, you pick the traffic, cops, pedestrains, cheat codes on/off etc. You would have the option to play with any characters from the story mode. (If you where in a lobby where someone is trevor and another guy is lamar, you won't have the option to pick either of them, but would be given the to option to pick another character like michael or franklin). R* might have gave though to a feature similar to this but said no due to the fact that GTA O the ranked version of MP won't have as much people playing it because of the unranked version. It happens in almost every other MP game out there, most people would rather play unranked than ranked. I think R* knew this would of happened so decided to make gta o ranked only.

Anyway what you think about a MP mode in story mode? :)

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If you mean like a co-op mode with a bit more to it? I like that idea actually and now that you mention it, I would quite like to have that. Good idea.

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GTA Master 007

Like co op campaign?

Yes something like that, it wouldn't be as complex as gta online so it would be way more easier to program. Its basically the most simple mp you can get

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Most simple mp you could get was IV online free mode

Liberty City
16 or 32 Players



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Guys Look!




At least this is better than OP's Post cuz I understood nothing!



Now this is an off-topic post than I could get used to.



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