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The Mancini Crime Family (Originals Only)


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eminem-age-16.jpg"ok boss I do what u say nao"wht u

We has five members.

1. Boss mancini- "I have a canoli. I enjoy long walks on the beach with my mom. I like ciguhrattes. I enjoy commanding little children for my own good."

2. MANIAC MANCINI- I am boss mancini's best fwend

3. Psycho Mancini- "My face looks liek a pizzuh."

4. Sneaky Mancini - "I'm boss's bodyguard."

5. Eagle Mancini - "WHAT THE FUK LAD"

6.Brutal Mancini - "I'm the best player in the Macnini's." -Uses Aimbot

7. PrinceEzioxx - "I haev much respuct 4 u Boss Mancini."

8. Bl0od Mancini - "I em purt of deh bludz, niguh."

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I hope you realize that by creating this thread you've not only made the SRMC look weak and foolish but you've also proven to the Mancini's just easy it is to rile you.

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