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Looking for a crew


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Not sure if this the right place/section to post this but anyway.


I'm tired of the crews i'm in since none is like online and most just keep to themselves and i'm looking for new friends.




- Mature players and People that like to have fun, doing missions, races(No dirty racing againts other crew members), fun in FM


- English speaking, doesnt matter where you're from as long as you understand english and speak it


- No mic requirement


- No KD requirement


- No country restriction (i'm from Sweden, i can understand Norwegian but not Danish)


- That accept ''different'' people


Heres my R* SC http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/happy_killstick


Please tell a little about the crew here on, i will be going through the crews and invites incase i get any.


Sorry if i'm not responding right away


I forgot to add PS3 in the topic name.

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use the Looking For A Gang/Crew topic please. :^:

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