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They want to make the game "realistic" but...


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But how can you feel it that way when you come out of your house and all you see it's 3 different vehicles?.. I mean, when you walk on the streets it's really hard to see two equal cars.


Anyway, in GTA O (and SP too..) it's normal that only three or four different cars spawn all over the map. ¿wtf is this?.


¿How comes that a game that wants to inspire a sense of realism has this failure?


It's really irritating, if you have to escape for any reason, and only SUV's are spawning at the time, well my friend, you're f*cked.


And the worst part is, the SAME cars are the ones spawning every day, there are some cars that are just impossible to find.. and believe me, you can travel all over the map, but you won't ever see some cars.


The point is, GTAV:O such a good game, but still has this thing that bugs me everytime I play.

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Well, what do you expect from such (almost a decade old) hardware. I'm sure when they release a new GTA on current gen, the spawning system will be vastly improved

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Try real life. That's 100% realistic.

(No sarcasm:P)

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I like how $800,000 and $1m super cars struggle to exceed 155mph too.

That's a thing i've seen too, Cars are so slow sometimes.. if you play with the tv on mute, then you will see how slow cars are, since u can't hear the engine.

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if they were going for realism, then why are we respawning when we die?

That would suck. You have to maybe start from scratch, or may not play the game for the rest of your life.

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