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Mud bog racing (PS3)


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This is my most popular creation, it just seems to work so well and is a lot of fun!

Its a high speed bumpy track with lots of natural ramps in the terrain to throw you off course and test your handling skills.
Lots of splashing in and out of water, and a few deep water crossings, so a Sandking, Mesa Jeep or similar is recommended :)



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Seems interesting.


Do you think a Sanchez can make it through?


Edit: just tried with Sanchez and it doesn't work, we'll it does but you have to make a detour.


You should put a warning that this is not for the Sanchez as some places only off road with that vehicle.


That being said I enjoyed it with the sank king and the track is definitely made for that.


Have you tried making it a sand king only event as more will possibly flock to a race just for sand kings

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