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GTA SA hot coffee problem


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I have a problem with GTA SA.

I tried to install hot coffee mod (normally I backuped files in a folder script before i put hot coffe files in), then the new game, fly with a jetpack to gf's house, go on a date ... when she invited me to "coffee" screen would just went blank.

Then I was read that i should degrade it to v1.0, i made that with some program but when i wanted to go to gfs house, there was no heart which would mean i have a gf

now i just wanted my old game back

i put back orginal files from folder script back into it

In the folder of the GTA San Andeas I noticed a change that is a different gta_sa.exe file so I put crack that was there before.

Start the game, in the lower right corner was written v1.01 I thought everything is OK but my game was running slow and next time i took my girl out and she called me in for coffee the screen went blank even though hot coffee files were removed and original crack was put back in the folder.

any suggestions

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Reinstall the game and delete the gta_sa.set file from the User Files folder.

Why are you using a crack?

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that's what i thought, i'm gonna save my save files and reinstall the game.

i dont have original game

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