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didn't know how register/login


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hello guys :) I try play a online GTA IV. I connect to server, and if I want type in chat, I need /register or /login.

How I need to do it? I try type exp. /register lithuanianavy

but nothing, I cant type to chat. please, help me.

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Press 'Home' to bring up the GFWL client and click on Account Management. This will minimize the game bring up the Xbox Live Management page in your web browser. From here, sign in using your Live account, then click on Privacy Settings. In the Text and Voice Chat section, make sure that it is set to 'Everyone'. Then 'Save', exit the browser and continue the game. After that, you simply need to press 'Y' to start chatting.


I'm not sure why you would need /register or /login.

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