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I stumbled on this http://imgur.com/V0HLuoA and think its great apart from the logo and am wondering if anyone else has found or created some nice scenic shots in a high enough resolution for suitable wallpaper size. I'd love to have a collection of "interfacelift" style shots in a 1920x1080 format.

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Seems there are not much HD wallpapers made from in game. One way to get a good wallpaper is to download HD gameplay videos from YouTube and take screens from those.

You can use VLC to take snapshots. If You have a good capture device You can of course use your own artistic eye to create wallpapers of your own taste.

And possible make them look better with some image enhancement filters.


I´m moving this to Visual Arts because this is not really a GFX request.


Here´s similar from gtanet:




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To be honest the shots look much better at the default snapmatic resolution,when u blow it up the game shows it`s age.

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It shows it's age? It's not even a year old. I think you mean it shows the hardware's age.

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