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ENB 082 Crashes on Startup (But 163 Works?)


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UPDATE: Okay, so 163 doesn't work. ENB just crashes at the startup, or during the loading screen no matter what version I'm using. But I know why.


RealityIV 2.0's timecyc is the issue. Problem is, I'm trying to use DKT70's timecyc and pair it up with ENB reflections and such. But I'm not sure what about the timecyc would cause the game to crash when using ENB. Any ideas?


Crossposting this from the ENB topic since it's looking like (and most likely) it won't get any attention there.


So this is weird. I was using 0.82 a while ago with dax's fix, no problem. A few days ago I was using 0.82 with no problem.


But now, for some odd reason 0.82 crashes after it finishes loading (when the white text in the corner disappears). But then 0.163 has no issue running. I want to use 0.82 though since AO works with dax's fix on that one for me, unlike 0.163.


Very strange. 0.163 works fine. 0.82 crashes. Any idea what could be the issue, how to fix it? Even on a fresh install it does this.


So yeah, I can't figure out what the hell is going on. My game has no issue running with 163, but for the past couple of days, it crashes with 082.

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I'm still here guys.


If the OP seems a bit messy, the main problem is that for some reason DKT70's RealityIV 2.0 timecyc.dat causes the game to crash with ENB. And I have no idea what in the timecyc would do this.

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Someone has to know what exactly in the timecyc could cause ENB to crash.

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