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Cash Register Glitch


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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned on the forum, but I noticed a little glitch with the cash registers. I don't know if this works for every register but anyway, here goes. I was playing as Michael and headed up to Sandy Shores to do a bit of robbing. I went into the Meth Factory and noticed a cash register. I shot it to get the money (whacking it with a baseball bat is quicker). I picked up the money then walked out. I walked away from the building then walk back towards it and heard the sound it makes when you shoot at it. I went back into de Meth Factory only to find another bag of cash laying on the floor! This happened all the time. Ok, so you're only getting $150 - $600 but still, it all adds up! Another advantage of this is that you don't get a wanted level either.

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Yes I knew about that. In fact, several months ago, I posted a hint on how to make easy money legitimately without the stock market using the method described above right here. Don't post in that thread though unless you have something really worth adding or it will get locked.

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