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[HELP/PROBLEM] GTA IV - Fatal Error - ZLIB20


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Hi guys, I'm new on this forums. I have problem with my cracked version of the game. I have the original one via Steam, and it has no any problems or bugs, but of some kind of risk, I don't want to mod it. So I downloaded and installed cracked version of game. I installed two cars mod, one skin and one gun skin. My game looks fine, but when I'm driving near the Strip Club, or want to go in it, game crashed, and message appears: FATAL ERROR: ZLIB20. It really is anoying when I play game normally, and sudenly it crashes for some reason o.O So, do anyone knows how to fix this FATAL ERROR ? I would really like to know >.<

Sorry for bad English
NikolaDexter97 :cool:

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