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Del Fuego's MC PS3 looking for 7 originals


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We need members. You must have a mic, be 18+ (or at least a mature minor) need to be able to follow orders closely, must be regularly active, and the most important: you MUST be able to take a joke. We need someone who has experience with the emblem creator on the Rockstar Socialclub. I made a temporary patch (the profile picture of this user) but if you can make it better, there is definitely a spot in the club for you. Come and sign up to ride the desert on an iron horse with us. - http://socialclub.ro...l_fuegos_mc_ps3

- Del Fuegos MC is a club run by a real-life biker, associated with 1% MC's, so he tends to get a little rough sometimes, but he doesn't mean it.

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You need a socialclub link added to your post. Please use the edit feature to do so, do not reply with a link. Thank you.

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