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A Tank Deathmatch seeker.

Mr. Muramasa

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Mr. Muramasa

For this really: http://rsg.ms/Q3dWce


I'm trying to make a good Tank based Deathmatch, but the problem is is that i don't know what I'm supposed to do to make a good Tank deathmatch. All I did was move around the NorthWestern part of Los Santos and place tanks in semi hard to find spots in the hopes that people would go looking for them.


I have the weapon locked to forced and unarmed to encourage tank use, however that would leave the unarmed players open if someone else gets to a tank before them no? But if I give them any sort of gun then there would be no point to having tanks because it would just become a giant Prison Thugz Fight in Los Santos.


I'm trying my best, but I don't know what to do. Someone have tips?

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I have made a tank deathmatch and it works very well, my advice to you is to place spawn points at random places and place a tank at each spawn point so when a player gets killed in a tank they can spawn right next to one, also add vehicle repair health points too.

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