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Recommendations for GTA V

Update when this list was made: 1.11
List by Xbox user: Waffenstark
1. Real casino at the racetrack, where you can do slots and blackjack, poker like San Andreas
2. Actual houses, spread out around Blaine County, Los Santos, etc.
3. More apartments in the city, more north in the desert, near Mt. Chiliad
4. More vehicle variety, less sedans, more high-end
5. In-game hidden moderators, to instantly ban hackers and modders
6. In-game visible monitors that can issue on-screen warnings for bad behavior and reports that take priority over player reports
7. Player tally, instead of having a "cooldown" for bad sport lobbies, have a tally system that has penalties with each act. 1= warning, 3= weapons disabled 24 hours, 5= bad sport lobby 7 days, 10= 3 day online ban (resets after ban)
8. Online stocks, points system in the positive and negative made completely by Rockstar and monitored heavily with a maximum stock purchase amount
9. Ability to go into a more protective "passive mode" where you cannot access your weapons, your car cannot be destroyed by explosives and you cannot die by any means of another players kinetic motion
10. Larger money income payouts ($20k+) are put on hold with MazeBank until Rockstar verifies it is legit.
11. Drivers licenses, aircraft licenses, boat licenses that require practice time in a "learners mode", must pay a LARGE fee for the license, take a randomized (different for every online player) test and also pay vehicle insurance
12. Make purchased tanks be picked up at the Military Base (so its harder to drive into the city)
13. Make police vehicles, firetrucks and ambulances able to be stored in garages, insurance to be bought and trackers to be placed on (for roleplay people, and people who like public safety)
14. Customizable freemode (private match, no RP gained, no cash gained) where settings can be modified, such as remove police, invite only, set spawn locations (for roleplay)
15. More missions, different game modes
16. Make more buildings able to be accessed and gone inside
17. Make voice chat visible so you can SEE who is talking
18. Make ammo/haircut/vehicle stores deny you access if you have been a bad sport lately, or if you have committed too much crime in that game
19. Have higher costs for using Merryweather, Lester, Lamar etc. so its harder to dominate other players
20. Have a "jail" option that makes a player wake up in a cell, the ability to escape and have the police after them if they are arrested.
21. Make vehicles that are impounded harder to access
22. If vehicle is destroyed by another player, instead of paying the premium, have them pay 25% cost of the stock version of the car (to scare off trolls)
23. Make police more realistic, make them try to arrest you at 1 star (then go to jail) with a fee, only shoot if you show a weapon or don't comply
24. Make bounties harder to obtain from AI (computer players)
25. Make player-set bounties only occur on non-friends
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