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Friend is Level 27 and cannot see armored truck on map


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I am playing in an invite only session, level 67, first friend level 62 and second level 27. Myself and my first friend can see the armored trucks, but second friend cannot. We have gotten at least 15 trucks and our second friend has not seen one pop up on their map. Is there a certain level you have to be to see the trucks on the map? Or is this a glitch in our session?

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You have the armoured truck spawning glitch going on, common in invite only sessions.


In my experience, I don't think level matters when it comes to seeing the truck on the map. I can't remember when I got my first truck, but I think it was earlier than 27.


Best bet is, follow the truck and let your lvl 27 friend get to you and rob the truck.

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Need to receive a call from Lester first. Dont hang up when he is calling

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