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Idea for Future DLC


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I realized many people want things like casinos, mansions and other things in the next DLC. I think these ideas are great but I just have some that come to mind that ai think people would love. Here's a list.


Bring back the mechanic

Add more customizations to LSC

Car: 1980 Chevrolet Bel-Air (More of a cruising car than a racing one)

NPC's become more realistic and don't you off or come into oncoming traffic

Apartment Decorating

Car: Nissan 350Z (Doesn't matter what year)

New Clothes: Possibly some sports wear like more jerseys

Car: Ford Raptor


This is just a lost I made up on the spot. If you have any other ideas, I'll try to add them

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A zombie dlc where peds become zombies

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Defo apartment decorating. At the mo everyone's apaprtment looks the same.


I'd like to see more betting options like in San Andreas. You know slot machines, cards, horse racing etc

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Casinos etc leaked out to public hence why people know theyre coming. And theres no point in waiting for a real life car, you should know that by now. These are just your ideas, but they are not gonna happen

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