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Martins henchmen


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So im doing the mission with the cargobob so i can save it, i save it, go to my helipad and its there, i fly it into the city, im busy picking up and dropping vehicles (fun) and i get the message telling me micheal & trevor are exiled, i jumped out of the cargobob and parachuted onto the roof of a building, and some 4x4s surround the building and start shooting at me, when you shoot back and kill a few, everytime they die, another car full of them turns up, and the shooting gets the cops after you so when they turn up theres a shootout between them & the cops and you end up with about 30 4x4s and an epic shootout going on on the ground around you! Has anybody else faught with martins men? Got any cool hiding places? I suggest landing a chopper on a roof not parachuting onto it cos now im trapped

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Cutter De Blanc

I tried fighting them at the race track once, but the police showed up. Ruined all my fun. :miranda:

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Also if you land a chopper on a house in grove street (its too hard to avoid them by land) you get a pretty cool cartel v ballas battle

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Accidentally ended up being chased down by them.


I was messing around while playing as Michael, and ended up as a passenger in Trevor's truck, with Trevor driving but I was still controlling Michael. I thought I'd see what would happen, so went off and did some chores, then came back, to find that Trevor had stopped the truck outside Martin's ranch, and was stalking up the drive way, leaving Michael to duke it out with his henchmen.


I didn't last long, considering I'd been out of the room when the gun fight started.

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