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Recreating Rockstar created races.


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I've been working through reimagining some of Rockstars favourite races. This is my sequel to Criminal Records. It offers similar rp and cash payouts but each lap consists of the regular clockwise lap, then after a tight roundabout through the carpark exit, a counter clockwise lap. There is potential for oncoming racers. It could be wise to use a Cheetah, especially since they are basically an unstoppable ramp in any head on collision. Check it out: ps3 http://rsg.ms/1h8iCn1

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Why not try making the races reversed of what r* has made.


Mirror mode would be fun too. But not available in this game

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The second part of the first lap is sort of the original mirrored. I've just had to update this track because trolls were blocking the tight carpark exit and entrance and causing massive pile ups of the racers trying to turn their cars around.


Now I've took out some of the walls in the roundabout so their are multiple ways through and widened it so its not such a bottleneck.

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