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Project Mayhem IV

Project Mayhem

Recommended Posts

Project Mayhem IV

*Work in progress*

Project Mayhem


From the ashes of the Liberty City based Project Mayhem rises the fourth incarnation of the Project, whose values have become drastically twisted in the confusion. Where once they may have fought to bring down the system, they were now fanatics, obsessed with the idea of the mythical Overseer that resided in the blimp atop the clouds of sunny Los Santos. This overseer, believed to be named Bob, is thought to be a god amongst the Project, with the body of a walking bomb and a gasmask for a face. The insane denizens of the Project may be a few screws short of a toolbox, but for what they lack in sanity, they pack in viciousness and psychotic intent.

About Us

We here at Project Mayhem (.2D, Vil. and Kinko XXV) are a group of lads from England who have known each other since 2009 and are looking for other casual gamers to f*ck about with on GTA and other games. We are not looking for any hardcore competitive players because you'll find we are way too lazy for anything serious and we grew out of the e-penis business a while ago, we are however looking for like-minded casual gamers who enjoy a laugh and a good bit of f*cking around in Los Santos. We would prefer it if you were literate enough to structure a post without looking a bit special, but if we get along with you on Live we may make an exception.



.2D - Ze Dinkledonker

Kinko XXV - Nefutaku

Vil. - Vilmundr

Social Club


Xbox 360



Red Dead Redemption



Application form:





Social Club ID:



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Shaquille O'Seal

We're back, mothersuckaaaaaa.


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I'll give it 3 weeks before it closes.









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Granted the AoD should have changed our password after Kinky bailed but his actions on the AoD's front page have deemed the lock of this thread necessary.


See ya in a month.


Edit-Changing the AoD's password as well? Taking this a tad seriously aren't you boys? This closure is now permanent and I will also be closing any gang you all create in the future.

Edited by Toke

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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