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ENB sky problem


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The game looks a lot better with ENB installed, but the truth is, the sky looks horrible during day. The sky is more or less totally white. No clouds at all. No blue sky. Just white/grey sky with no clouds. Its not in about 15-16 when its closing in to evening, that clouds starts to become visible. The game looks great during sunset at night. But during daytime I can see no difference at all if I switch from ''Very sunny' to ''Cloudy'' weather.


Is there any way to change this in the config?




EDIT: Here is a picture of how the sky looks during daytime.



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not a fan of enb, most arent stable and kill your fps


peds still look like cartoons... and there is going to be some weather at some certain time that will make your game look like sh*t.


icenhancer on 1.0.4 is the only one i thought looked good, everything else was meh after using that


and yeah TS, no one here cares about your sky

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