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Catch up is never off?


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I did a few races with catch up off, and I noticed that even while it's off, they still end up catching up to me, only slower. So is catch up always on, or is it a glitch?

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I noticed this too last night. We were using Custom Cars off, Catch up off and Slipstream on. The only thing I can think of is maybe they were slipstreaming their way back which could be possible but in my race I know for a fact it wasn't because we were all crew members and talking to each other.

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Really, I have not even touched the races.

But maybe it's a glitch. You better ask on the question And answers forums.

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Yep, noticed that to in "The Commute". Annoying.

It's horrible on Long Haul 2. I was 4 seconds ahead of this guy, and he passed me up. Luckily I had traffic on, so he crashed.

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