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Can't find this one cleo mod


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I didn't know where else to ask this....I thought this would be a good place.

There was this cleo I was using a few months back when I was fooling around on San Andreas. It was a jetpack cleo script, BUT....but it was not the actual jetpack.
What it was; was I could press a button or two and it allowed me to hold it down and go up into the air as far as I wanted. And I could press the button again to walk in the sky. It

was a mod that I thought a lot of people were using but now I can't find it. I had some cleo script files I kept but I can't find this one anymore. It is a brilliant script, whoever made it
was amazing. But I can't seem to find it here or anywhere else. I wish I could remember what the real name of it was. But I could have sworn it was a jetpack name...its just
every time I google for it the complete opposite shows up. If someone could help me find it I'd appreciate it. I even used it in a video I made, but now youtube blocked it so
now nobody can view it. Because of youtube being anti-user friendly.

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Oh I found it after all. I got it mixed up with something else. It wasn't a script it turns out what I was thinking of ended up being on a trainer instead. Sorry, ya the jetpack thing is actually on the "crazy trainer" and it allows you to move around on the air and drop your self down to any area u want. With a key command. It's amazing, and I have not found any cleo with that abilty. The crazy trainer seems to be the only thing that does it. Sorry for making this and confusing anyone. Oh and thanks for moving it. But now you can delete this or move to trash etc. I'm also kind of glad I found it on my own. x3 I personally hate asking for certain things especially if I sound confusing.

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