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FDM looking for futo enthusiasts


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1509673_1475861709292962_1840784594_n.jpThe car is a creation of Mike Bush, an American vehicle designer for Rockstar UK, and an AE86 enthusiast.

The "Futo" name is a diminutive of the working file name during production, "Dorifuto", a Japanese loanword for car drifting; the name also happens to rhyme with "Puto", a Spanish swear word.
The Futo in GTA IV shares color scheme, engine sound, and drive layout with Blista Compact and Hakumai.
The front bumper of a Futo with additional foglight housings can be found on cabinets in a chop shop during the forth chapter of Max Payne 3.
All Futos in GTA V bear the "GT" badge on the front grill.1507791_1475055999373533_1589777803_n.jp
check out our facebook site https://www.facebook...utodriftmasters

socialclub site http://socialclub.ro...o_drift_masters

we at FDM have plenty of custom created drift tracks for you to test your futo skills.we set the weather to rain for ideal track conditions.no crashing if possible its all about practicing and learning to master your futo.so come join us and test some of our drift playlists.

add for psn-chronic087

add for xbox -IVANWANT2KILLU

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