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Star Citizen


Recommended Posts

Honestly I don't think it's worth building a rig for it just yet as it's not even optimised yet. Wait for it to come out then start seeing about it. I can get 60fps in places but it's no where near stable in the persistent universe. Check my profile for specs!


As for gaming online It will have little to no risk to you using your pc for work. You probably have more risk opening an email and getting a virus than you do gaming online.



Yeah there's not much to do in the game right now. I would recommend at least waiting for the next update to come out, because it'll add a significant amount of content and also a more optimized netcode that should increase performance for everyone.


Thanks for the responses guys!


I'm getting the pc soon regardless of when the game releases. Just really wanted to get an insight on whether or not it would be able to run the game. I will pick up the game once it releases, it really looks awesome.


Its great news to know that I have little to no risk of playing on a serious work computer. Just the thought of someone being able to log into my brokers account, well, that could be disastrous.


Thanks again OysterBarron and Richard Power Colt.

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You want to go with Nvidia 730's? That's a really bad choice. The 730 is wayyy to weak for gaming, and running 2 of them won't change that. I'd advise against dual GPU's in general, put your money on one, potent GPU.


GPU is most important for gaming, your memory and CPU is really overkill and will be bottelnecked by your weak GPU's. 16gb Ram is more than enough at the moment, and you could run with a weaker CPU to put the money into a competent graphics card.


If you want to go with Nvidia, I think you should atleast get the 60's models (760, 960 etc) or higher. Although an earlier generation, a 690 will be way more powerful than a 730 for example. Generally, I would recommend a card with atleast 4gb VRam to be somewhat future proof. If you can afford it, invest into a 70 model (the 1070 would be the newest) or go with a good AMD card (I'm no expert on them), good GPU's are pricey but a prerequisite for playing new games.

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Yeah dual GPU isn't good for gaming right now. SLI doesn't work properly with a lot of games. A GTX 970 or higher is probably a pretty good bet if you wanna run games like SC although SC is still so far from being finished that it's hard to say what the actual spec requirements for the finished game will be.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Alright Candy Licker and Richard got you, that setup is NOT good for gaming. That spec is the recommended for the type of work I do I guess, like I said, I don't really know what it all means lol. Two cards is probably for the multi monitor setup?


Anyways when the game comes out I'll probably take the disc to a computer shop and tell them to call me back when they have a gaming rig that works haha!


Thanks for the responses and maybe we'll see each other online upon release!


Happy Holidays!

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Ship of the month for subscribers is the saber comet





The characters look creepy



Just hanging out





On the verse news the pirates on the PU are still op I could kill them on arena commander but for some reason I can't on the PU,it looks like a bug cause I got hit twice with cannons and my shields went down that doesn't happened in arena commander but I'm still practicing and im looking forward for the next update (3.0)


See you in the verse :)

Edited by deadx23
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I updated the amount of funding received so far and added the date Star Marine (FPS Module) on the front page. With the release of this, all that's left is SQ42 and the Live release of SC :lol:

Hopefully we can get there before 2020 eh?

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I updated the amount of funding received so far and added the date Star Marine (FPS Module) on the front page. With the release of this, all that's left is SQ42 and the Live release of SC :lol:

Hopefully we can get there before 2020 eh?

when it's done lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spend time on the PU I think I'm getting better, I earned some credits to buy a suit (also trying directors mode) :D














My smaller ship









See you in the verse


Edited by deadx23
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  • 4 weeks later...

This week's Around the verse



Interesting stuff from ships and their process with good info on 2.6.1 (it's about 20 minutes)

Can't wait for the buccaneer and also the Cutlass I have the Cutlass as well and I still have the old version and if I heard right the updated model will be included and it looks so cool


Old model *added pics*







Cargo interior


To cockpit


Pilots seat





New model







I also glitched myself out on ark corp (area 18)




I saw an antenna on a astroid it was so tiny intill I got close by


See you in the verse :)

Edited by deadx23
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Hey it's free fly week (Valentine's promo),if you don't have a game package and want to try it out for free you have till the 19th, that's when free fly promo ends.not sure what ship you get but looks like the constellation you can stuff 28+ people in their (sessions are only 28 people with 2 reserve for friends who ever comes first).






Edited by deadx23
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  • 1 month later...

I got invited to the ptu 2.6.2b its going to be out soon

But the best part the buccaneer is done (well flight ready :D ) I love how it sounds flying around




Now I put a big ass cannon on top :lol: ,so the stock gun is a turret but it's changeable (it's on top)



This pic has the turret



Also this is the map (user made) of yela it shows you the location of grim hex and Benny henge and other points of interest



See you in the verse :)

Edited by deadx23
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

So quite a bit of stuff going on,on star citizen.release date for 3.0 got delayed to July 20 so far (it's looking awesome) so im just going to post about a ship for now.


For subscribers we get to test out one ship every month for this month is the caterpillar




There are multiple rooms


This one controls a tractor beam


View to the front


A place to eat


And poop with a shower over head in case it gets messy


Here's a server room


Engineering room


Made my way to the cockpit, it's on the side so it's weird to pilot it



There are 4 of these cargo rooms


You can open the doors on both sides


With a loading dock type room


There are 2 manned turrets for your friends or hired npc but one is interesting you turn upside down







See you in the verse :)


I didn't like piloting this ship its big,slow and hard to see.

Edited by deadx23
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It's quite cool seeing it in-game after watching some of the developer doing code for it and modelling a while back!

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  • 1 month later...
Richard Power Colt

Quite a lot of eye candy in the latest episode of ATV:



The moons are looking quite impressive though I hope they can fix some of the pop in/pop out.


The "Evocati" testing for 3.0 is scheduled to start from today until like july 20th or so. Probably not gonna start today, but hopefully next week. Really cool to see this game coming together though we're still probably years away from a final release.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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  • 1 month later...
Richard Power Colt

Star Citizen gamescom presentation:



Haven't watched the entire thing yet, but I gotta say the game looks breathtaking. The kind of visual fidelity they are able to deliver in such a huge game is pretty impressive. Word of warning btw, the players are doing the cringey roleplay thing and the game crashes at one point so they have to restart the demo.

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I watched the whole thing lol loved the face tracking tech, using a regular webcam amazing




the capital ship looks awesome looking forward to earn it haha.

I seen the streams they've been playing on 3.0 (restricted to Delmar ) for gamescom just awesome all around the visuals, atmosphere, vehicles, and atmospheric flight can't wait for 3.0 . currently their are 66 bugs to fix for an evocati (special hand picked public tester) release after that about 2 weeks a subscribers release (from past experiences) then backer's release. They fixed about 20 bugs introducing 3 bugs this past week.

Love the new Arora update looks much better than before.its an important ship because it's a starter ship which everyone will mostly choose I personally like it better than the mustang I have the LN version.



If I had to guess 3.0 won't go live for about a month and a half from now but I think it's worth the wait.

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  • 1 month later...

So their is a evocati release




This is the first step for a live release (still like 2 weeks-a month to go), it's a big milestone update that brings game changing features. im excited finally lol but still some time to go for the evocati to test for bug hunting.

Here I found patch notes.




See you in the verse :)

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Richard Power Colt

f*cking finally we're getting there. It's hilarious to think how Chris originally said it would come out last year. I'm not really upset, I do get that game development especially with a project like this is unpredictable, but man I've been wanting to get my hands on this for so long.

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I was using a loaned ship on August












I finally found "Benny henge" on yela (it's really small on a astroid) :panic:




Their is a story behind this guy...


Edited by deadx23
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Please use spoiler tags. Opening this site is a pain.


So, Squadron42 pushed back until ???. And we're only talking about part 1/3. What a suprise.


But they finally want to show some footage in December. Unless that get's pushed back too, of course.

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"I am confident it is going to be worth the wait...."


remind me; how many years has this Ponzi Scheme been in development?

what a joke.

about 4 years along side with star citizen (2-games), you know stuff doesn't magically happen... Edited by deadx23
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  • 2 weeks later...
Richard Power Colt

Idk if I understood it correctly, but are they seriously suggesting that they'll have procedural interiors for every building on a planet entirely filled by city? If so that's really damn impressive. Even if a lot of them would end up looking the same.


edit: Here's the full presentation with the demo:


Edited by Richard Power Colt
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^^ it sure sounded like it, with roads connecting to each other (depending on the artist) just amazing although this will come on 3.1


I loved what Chris Roberts said that he knows it's been "a long content drought" but they accomplished the "bare bones" (3.0) as he put it and now they could start making the universe.that translates to faster updates.

just shows all the hard work is paying off, I've been looking for that road map to see what things have moved around.


Just took some screenshots from the videos



Planet side






Current progress for 3.0 16 must fix "bugs" to fix (it can go up if/when they find more bugs)

Hopefully the next phase is inviting everyone to the ptu for server test

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