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Star Citizen


Recommended Posts

Nah you can't buy ships in the single player campaign. You're assigned ships because you're in the military. When you finish the single player you are discharged and are then able to purchase ships in the online mode.

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The question is will they be doing the same as what elite dangerous did and offer a single player experience of the galaxy so you can choose to play online or offline?

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Back when they were still doing Wingman's Hanger they said there will be a setting, something like a slider, that you could move to allow for something like Open play or Solo mode like in Elite: Dangerous.

Also I've heard there will be dedicated servers because they plan to have mod support as well.

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I like how I'm flying in a race with players in Arena Commander and then I get disconnected with the message "server is full".



I really suck at dogfighting. I just keep dying before I figure out what happened and somehow everyone else seems to be able to tank huge amounts of shots even though their shields are down. It feels kinda random to me, but there's probably just something I haven't really figured out.


Racing however is a lot of fun and I'm actually starting to get pretty decent at it. I won a few times with the Avenger Stalker and I ended up renting the M50 Interceptor just so I'll do even better. The one thing I kinda hate tho is others crashing into me in the beginning of the race. It's screwed up my whole race a few times.

Edited by Nutsack McQueen
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  • 2 months later...

I've been on the verse for a couple of days now newly joined.I started with a Aurora MX I upgraded to an avenger stalker,I'm just getting used to flying and landing lol I've been seeing the video's they release they mentioned they are in the last steps on putting everything together I can't wait for the finished product.


I don't know the places to go I want to find a gun, yesterday I learned you can press f9 to get the glass menu I was in my ship standing and two guys went inside I forgot how did I activate the menu and I couldn't take it off they where flying my ship with me inside shooting at randoms lol finally figured how to deactivate it and jumped out and kill myself lol.

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Richard Power Colt

There's that one port area meant for fps where you can find an assault rifle. Forgot what it's called exactly since I haven't played in a while. Mainly waiting for Squadron 42 right now.

Edited by Nutsack McQueen
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Found the gun on Security Port Kareah :D I crashed when I was taking off :lol: the flight tutorial on arena commander was a big help some controls I did not know about like flight mode I was on the slow one.I want all the ships lol


Can't wait for patch 2.4 I've been following on the site forums


Edit:just found out we have a laser pistol already :pp

Edited by deadx23
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Ok something weird I have had a hornet ghost and I changed it





To a freelancer dur and the hornet base model (not the ghost)shows up on the list on pu and arena commander but most importantly on the pu,it won't show up on the hanger I know it must be a glitch I just hope it comes to my hanger wich I know won't happen :( I just became a subscriber a day before but I haven't used any rec, is it like a subscriber's thing idk but I shut down the app and restart it and it still there I hope I can keep it.


Also I found a hand gun and a SMG on I don't remember the name ya-something the place full of asteroids look for a green light orb type of thingy and it's actually a scraped ship floating





Around you will find cases with guns inside





And a hand gun






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There's been a lot of updates I haven't kept up with. The patch notes leak above seem very promising. They are starting to introduce the economy of spending and earning UEC.

I wonder how long before they close the ship store on the website and move everything in-game :D

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Richard Power Colt

I haven't played the game in a while, but 2.4 sounds exciting. Definitely wanna hitch a ride on that Starfarer. Kinda wanna try landing an M50 inside it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got invited to the 2.4 ptu like a week ago I only played for about 3 hours (been busy), you earn some spending cash and buy stuff.some new missions not sure though at least a new one at the security place (you have to defend a controller panel),controls changed though like alot have to relearn the format. today I will have time to jump in the verse



Edit:new update for the ptu

Edited by deadx23
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

Free fly week, you just have to enter a code that they give you on the website.Also for subscribers we get a different ship every month for use in that month, this months is the saber :)





Here's my Gladius





I like the damage detail the wing is gone lol I might of hit an asteroid :lol:


Edited by deadx23
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Richard Power Colt

The game is a little pay2win right now since you can't get ships or ship upgrades without paying real money. Really wish you could buy some of that stuff with the aUEC currency at least for a temporary period until they actually allow you to earn real UEC in the game. You also used to be able to use REC rented ships on crusader. It would be more useful to have those ships right now since missions are actually worth completing.


Also one thing I hope they'll implement sooner rather than later are some contextual prompts for interacting with things rather than just the generic "use" prompt for everything. The prompts sometimes tend to appear in pretty odd locations and you often aren't sure what you're actually doing.

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yeah.. Star Citizen has to become pay-to-win and grind-to-play.

it's pretty disappointing given their development history.


you should get on board with Elite:Dangerous.

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2.6 will launch Star Marine as separate module just like Arena Commander, this was also played by staff of PC Games and they are saying it's much more polished on the FPS side and feels a lot better than current rudimentary FPS in the PTU. - Interesting side-note: they talked about map->s.

2.7 will bring procedural planets and you will be able to travel the whole stanton system and all planets and moons can be directly approached down to the surface.


  • They say the new lighting system as part of the procedural planets build looks much more natural.
  • They say that approaching the planet looks and technically feels better than with Elite Dangerous.
  • You can land anywhere manually, automatic landing gets you to fixed positions i.e. landing zones.
  • Microtech and Hurston come in follow-up patches after 2.7
  • They aim to have Stanton fully playable i.e. with all stations and landing zones (according to CR about 40 locations) by end of 2016
  • There will be more jobs and missions as well.
  • Trading will be in by then
  • Chris describing that missions accepted up in space stations could lead you eventually down to planet surfaces, not clear if this is going to be in with 2.7 but seemingly something SQ42 will benefit from.
  • Planets and moons are revolving around suns, with naturally simulated day and night cycles.
  • When flying over the ocean they were noticing that the horizon had a correctly simulated curve.
  • Trees and Animals seemingly are planned (edit: doesn't seem to be in with 2.7, sorry) - they have them seemingly setup in pre-made templates they call eco-systems - these can be brushed over the planet surface, some magic blends the transitions to make it look naturally and consistent.
  • Planetary surface and topograhy details are controlled by a dynamical LOD system.
  • Some pop-up was visible during the planetary approach but they described it as impressive regardless.
  • They were also impressed with the cloud system, which wasn't just a simple texture layer but seemingly is described what I assume would be volumetric, i.e. they have deepth and height and impact visibility, leading to mountain crests piercing through clouds and valleys being covered.
  • They are writing that there isn't any artificially restricted view range, visibility is rather a result from the volumetric calculation of the athmosphere.
  • Parallax-Occlusion maps with dynamic tessellation is used for the surface details.
  • GTX 980 was used with 100 fps on the planetary surface, so performance seems to be pretty good already, sorry, that was just editor performance - in-game performance was 45fps :)
  • Some stuff about the subsumption-AI saying NPCs might have hobbies and a virtual mind, allowing them to remember the player or be influenced in his opinions by the player. To avoid performance issues, they seemingly control the update cycles for NPC AI based on player proximitiy i.e. update cycles go to 1hz instead of 60hz if no one is around.


























































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Richard Power Colt

So if you can land anywhere on the procedural planets, how are planets with huge cities going to work? I heard you'll be restricted to a sort of hub area, but what's stopping you from just flying anywhere and exploring when you enter the planet's atmosphere? ArcCorp for example is an entire planet filled with city, could they even go as far as procedurally generate all the buildings on that planet?


Edit: Maybe the people in command at the planet will probably just force you to fly to a certain area when approaching the planet...

Edited by Nutsack McQueen
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  • 2 weeks later...


I got invited to the 2.5 ptu :D I was having trouble logging in last night but was able to go in my hanger I got to see the argo they put it in my slots (loaned) upcoming ship sale


It has a pasanger pod (also comes with a cargo pod )and it's a snub ship no quantum drive





They took back the saber its a good ship but too expensive for me I do have the bukaneer or will have when they finish it but I have a loaner for that one (the hornet)





I think the next ship for the month (for subscribers) will be the Gladius


I also found another pic of my Gladius :D



I can't wait to visit Grimm hex going to try to pull myself away from another game today


Edited by deadx23
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Free fly weekend (gamescon free fly) if you have a computer you can try out star citizen with out pledging,and to backers you can fly the saber and mustang,


Just go to site sign up (make an account) and input the code from the main page (at the top) and download game it's like 20 gb



For backers just log in as usual and input code from the main page of site


Here's is the reliant






It fly's vertically





I've been on grim hex (its still on ptu "test universe" its not live yet)I had to commit a crime to spawn there I couldn't find it with all those asteroids.however if you go to the landing pads you will find players camping its a kill fest lol

It's pretty cool I like the atmosphere inside

Here is where you spawn


clothing store exclusive for grim hex


And armory store


And here is me sitting on a cargo pod from the ship argo,i got this jacket uh forget about the hat I forgot to change it


Hope to see you in the verse :)

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yeah it might be a great game if they can ever figure out how to release it to the public :sigh:


What do you mean? Anyone can play it right now for under $60 :p Actually there's a free fly weekend going on at the moment, but honestly after what they showed today it just wouldn't feel right jumping into the game as it is now lol


Anyway I decided to not be a lazy sh*t and find the stream uploaded to YT. There's also CitizenCon in October to be looking forward to :^:





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Wow that's really cool thanks for posting I wanted to see it but didn't Google it haha


And the pictures I posted was not from gamescon but from the 2.5 ptu, going live anytime soon wich includes "grim hex" new place, I think the next step for them (based on the last update) is to invite all backers to the ptu (stress test) then it will go live :p



I will also add when I was in the 2.5 it was really laggy on hex

Edited by deadx23
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Pretty impressive stuff they showed at the Gamescon. But I also wonder how they will ever finish it. Especially with all those space stations, they want to make 100 star systems, that would mean they would need to make 100s of space stations... how many of them have they actually done so far?


At this point I just wish they get the SQ42 campaign done.

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