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[Xbox 360] Need For Speed Race


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I posted a topic about this 2-3 days ago but i didn't make the right topic name. Anyways, This race was scheduled for Wednesday but it didn't happen.


This is a HUGE custom Impromptu race that was thought of and finalized as a race that will include the best racers i can find.

The cars are closely resembled to the movie cars from the movie "Need For Speed"

Before listing the cars that you may choose from i will provide the rules and prizes:

-No ramming unless end of race

-No killing

-No complaining

If you win you get all the money betted, every racer will have a 9k bounty and if you win you get that, you get 5x Entity XF through a glitch to sell that will give you in total through everything 700-800k.

IF you do NOT want to race you can chill in this lobby because we would like that.


1. Ford Mustang (Dominator) -TAKEN by me

2.Lamborghino Sesto Elemento (Vacca) - Taken by Masterkilla180

3. Koeisnegg Agera (Entity XF) - Taken by Artic Volt

4. Bugatti Veyron (Adder) - Free Spot

(Do not bring ridiculous tires and colors)

5.Mclaren P1 (Turismo R) - Free Spot

(Do not bring ridiculous tires and colors)

6.GTA Spano (Not ingame so it will be a Carbonizarre) - Free Spot

( Do not bring ridiculous tires and colors)

A helicopter will also be provided to help out so that's a free spot.


Leave your GT in which car you want to use or message me on Xbox.

If you want to be in the lobby to just chill then just ask.


My GT: oxEpic



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The beginning point is at a tunnel far away that leads through little dirt some highway towns through the city into a final ending. Why? By the way people don't send me friend requests because i don't know you just send me a message.

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