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Locking Onto Different Targets


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How do you lock on to different enemies in gunfights? I can't seem to be able to for the life of me. Even targets in close proximity to each other. I've already tried switching to assisted aiming. I see people in YouTube videos do it all the time. Am I doing something wrong? And please. Don't just tell me to switch to free aim, that's not how I like to play this game. I've always used auto-aim in previous GTA's.


This always gets me killed in missions and deathmatches mostly because the game locks onto the wrong enemy and I can't switch in time without going to free aim and manually moving my cross hair over to them. What am I doing wrong?


I suppose this can count for story mode too but its much more crucial online.

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I'm quite sure you just flick your right thumbstick in the direction of the enemy you want to kill.

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True. Try it in Rooftop Rumble from the side window of the car park. You can clear the masses insanely quick with the MG's and Rifles.

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I just tried on a few peds and it seems to work but its still very stiff. I might just have to get used to it. Also which aim mode is best for this Traditional or Assisted?

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