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Getting inside the bank vault

Crunch McThornbody

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Crunch McThornbody

I saw how you get into the bank vault on YouTube, by standing on/next to the caged off bit and going into the cash cards store and then back out again (without buying anything) to hopefully respawn you inside the cage. But how they got past the huge door by using a sticky bomb seemed a little over the top (and expensive), so I discovered a much easier way:



You get out an automatic pistol/rifle etc. and shoot at the top or bottom hinge, just slightly left of the center:





Then once it's open a bit you can walk round and push it open fully:





I noticed a couple of things in the bank that might play into the heists (if they ever get here), you can shoot the CCTV cameras off the ceilings and break the alarms, I wonder how they'll be implimented into the game.


Also when you walk up to the huge door without a weapon, your character automatically puts a hand on it, I'm guessing that's the first step to some sequence whereby you spin the wheel to open the door the proper way.

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you dont have to shoot it. you can melee the side of the vault door a few times and it will open up

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Crunch McThornbody

pm the vid you used..i have never tried it


Just go onto YouTube and search for: gta bank vault


Oh yeah one other thing I forgot to mention, if you're deep inside the vault and you've got passive on, you're still not safe.


If someone sends mercenaries to get you, they manage to get inside the vault and shoot you.

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This is my snapmatic photo.


Note the timestamp: "5 months ago"




You late. All the gold is gone.

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brrrr... It's rather cOLD in here.

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