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A very important topic regarding LuapYllier, his crew and his "app


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Lol dude I was scared to click that thread link.
Lord only knows what kinda attack this would be.
Your looking in the wrong forum. It would be against the rules for me to link it here but if you click my sig pic it goes to our forum.
Look in the crew meets xbox section.


^^ This is what he posted in another thread with his name in the title, for those who are confused about why I made this topic.


Now that you know that... Gotcha Luap! :p Mods: I'm sorry about the completely irrelevant, sorta spammish post. I won't make it into a habit, but reading the above-mentioned quote I just simply couldn't handle myself ;-) In this honour I would also propose that any thread in the content creator forum, and any other forum for that sake should be started with [Luap] in brackets before the title XD We need to help our dearest LuapYllier with his irrational fear of titles, (titlophobia) and this can only be accomplished with shock therapy !!

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Bored much?


Made me smile at least.


It's just that in my experience any thread with your name specified in the title rarely goes well.

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