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the Ted ending was awful

Rainbow Party

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Rainbow Party

Note: This post obviously contains spoilers for the movie Ted


I saw this movie yesterday, and from the beginning and for the most of it I kept thinking "wow this is actually a pretty good movie!". Yes, it was filled with clichés near the end, but still.
When Ted died, I thought it was an interesting ending, kind of a cop-out, but it still ended up right. It teaches that relationships can kill a friendship but at the same time that your loving partner is the most important person, and it can also represent the idea of growing up (even if you don't agree, it has a consistent message).
But WHAT THE HELL happened next!? They go back home, Lori just makes a wish for everything to go back to what it was like before, and that magically brings Ted back to life. I want to know if I'm just looking at it the wrong way because it's a terrible ending. It's like if your best friend dies, you have to wish hard for things to go back to what they were before he died, and he will be alive again. I just don't get it.
I mean of course, the talking teddy bear is magical and unrealistic but at least you can think about it as a metaphore of human friendship and growing up. So I really don't know why they had to bring him back to life, those last minutes of the movie really ruined it all for me. I know many people like to say "you have to shut down your brain to enjoy this movie" but I can't apply that to a movie that clearly tried to be more than that and perfectly succeeded until screwing it all up when they brought Ted back to life.
So... opinions?

It amused me how a movie can be perfect but ruin absolutely everything in one scene, after what should have been the end.

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