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KiK Messenger & GTA ONLINE!


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For those who dont know what kik messenger is, basicaly its a free app available on most phones wich allow you to chat with people without them having your number, you just gota register a username & give that username to people to add then they will be able to chat to you.

was thinking it would be kool if the people you play with online you alos chated with on kik then you would be able to ask them when they gonna be online and so on also could talk to new people you then could play with

as alot of people when there bored on gta come on here to find people to play with & see if theres any meet ups going on, be kool if you could just pull out your fone and be like "yo wanna do summet?" lol instead of going frew all the hassle of searching the forum

i made a new kik for gta peeps so feel free to add and chat to me xD my username is - xiRoNiCzZPs3

if you have kik messenger drop ur usernames in here! for other people to add up^

& if u aint got kik get it! lol


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I'm a playstation guy, but play gta on xbox (better online services).

With the xbox smart glass app, I can see which of my friends is online, and see what they are playing/doing.

Might be handy for setting up events within a crew!

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we can get a group going if people start adding each other & leaving der usernames

but yh cud come in handy with arranging meet ups & events & other activities also will help peeps hu dont have a mic comunicate

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This is kool but something like Facebook messenger would be better because we could be in a group chat


Kik: Mirror_rorriM

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If this is still going I'd want to join. My kik is KillAllBarbies

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Someone Should make a group chat for each console too.

Kik - Getrright - Xbox 360

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