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(PS3) Protect The Gangstas


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Protect The Gangstas


What Is This?:

Well this is a challenge that a youtuber called Xperthief made up. What we are supposed to do is go to one location and put bountys on each other and pretty much stay together and see if we can survive the bounty placed on us as a group:)



1: Were Gonna Fill up on some ammo

2: Were Gonna Head Down to a random harbor and Each One of us is gonna take a speeder Boat and head to the location that we are supposed to do the challenge

3: Each one of us is gonna set a 9k bounty

4:Location will be inside the cove of the mission coveted...(some pictures of the location...)



$10k For bounty placement

Speeder Boat


Level 30+ only

Time or date will be set later

Im looking for 3 players

( To Join Please Comment And i will get right back to you )


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you on ps3 or xbox?

oh sh*t i completly missed the (ps3) in title lol my bad!!! add me bro im up for this



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This is fun, a few of my friends did this, but we get the cargobob, get a tank and go on top ofthe maze bank building. But, I'm down, add me up. xJAMES_JRx

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yo i shud be on later 2night uk times, ive had internet problems this week but the engineer just come & sorted it xD so ill be bk online add me up & we'll arrange to do this :) xiRoNiCzZ--

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Add me im up for this if you guys dont mind psn massy07 put gta fourms in request please looking forward to this should be good fun, have you guys recorded any vids yet ??

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