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If you could ADD more LOWRIDERS in this game


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Out if all the different types of vehicles in this game i've noticed that theres a shortage of lowriders in this game with there only being the albany manana, declasse tornado, vapid peyote, and declasse voodoo(which is rusted) but a HUGE variety of sports, supers, muscles, boats, planes, and etc. Its kind of surprising being that there lowriders have always been part of the culture of LA and where even featured alot in GTA SA and its a bit disappointing being that they didn't even bother to make more in this game and even have hydraulics. I love all kinds of different cars from compacts, sports , muscles , classics, and supers but the lowriders i would love to see in future are:








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oh I'm sure R* is holding them back for DLC, so they can sell more Shark Cards....

I wouldnt be surprised but im STILL not buying buying shark cards UNLESS they decide to bring in a 20-30 car garage then i might reconsider.
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