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{Cars} The Prediction Thread!

Aero Dynamo

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Aero Dynamo

So I have some cars that I would like to see in GTA Online. Hopefully someone from Rockstar Reads this thread and takes some ideas and stuff. Well here are mine. Feel Free to Share Your Idea. You can post any cars you would like to see in game. They can be concepts, Real Cars, American Muscle, Antiques, Futuristic, etc.


But Stay on Topic!




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I would like no hideous monstrosities of fins, angles, pointy bits, and other menancing fluff like, oh say, that Lamborghini up there.


I also have no idea what that BMW is supposed to be, but it should be destroyed and anyone who helped design it should be murdered and fed to wild dogs.


I would, however, appreciate an actual Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle BF Injection that's not a dune buggy conversion, and a Triumph Scrambler.


I'd also like for every new car to be classed as something that's not sports or super so I can go back to enjoying racing again.

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The headlights of the bmw above deserves to burn in hell,the rest of the car is quite forgiving.

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i would be happy if they added some of the cars from GTA IV


The Dukes - Need i say more?



the Faction - Lord Vader, your car is ready (Grand National)



Uranus - Rollin' in my 5.0 :lol:



Fortune - I owned a tbird supercoupe so i love the look of this one



the Rhapsody - the fact they named it that is iconic in itself




the Marbelle,




ok not really, my mom had a granada when i was a kid, i'm sure it sucked as much IRL as it did in GTA IV :lol:

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I'd LOVE to see an Aventador.


While it is not an exact match the infernus is the closest you will get.

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BlistaCompact-GTA4-front.jpgI Would love to see this added back to GTA V. I'd mod the crap out of it if it had good customization options.

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All 3 of these I love.


Kind of like the Atom I want an overpowered track car. It should have acceleration on par with the bikes, but take skill to control.



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