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Playing the wrong gender? Join the crew!

Zoots Remuvah

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Zoots Remuvah

Fed up with flak for playing a character that's the opposite gender of you?


Wanting the most eyeburningly pink crew colour (irony, eh?)


Then Miss-Identity is the crew for you!


Here's the gist:


Crew/Gang Name: Miss-Identity

About: Screw the haters - play whatever gender you want!

Leader Contact: Doktor_Gott

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/miss-identity

Platform(s): PS3

Games: GTA Online

Timezone: GMT/CET


Seriously though, this is mainly to unlock a ridiculous pink colour scheme, but if you want a crew that doesn't give two hoots what you play as then this is the one for you! :D

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