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i need help getting 100%


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Hi I'm 90% through gta v, I've done all the races, parachutes, stunt jump, played all tennis courts golf and darts, got all spaceship parts, I've bought all the planes tanks etc. all the properties including the golf club and repo company.


My Stats are:

90% complete

missions 69/69 (completed but not all are gold)

Hobbies and past times 24/42 (i don't actually know what this is)?

strangers and freaks 19/20 (i dunno where to find the last one)?

random events 14/14 (done those)

miscellaneous 12/16 (again i dunno what this is)?


i need help with hobbies and past times, the last stranger and miscellaneous.


Please can you help me understand what im looking for? thanks


Update: i forgot about the scrap letters so just done those and the gun range which am struggling on ive got the rifle n heavy section to do.

New stats:

92% complete

missions 69/69

Hobbies and past times 28/42

strangers and freaks 20/20

random events 14/14

miscellaneous 13/16


what else am i missing?

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Have a look here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/643764-100-checklist/


It's a checklist of everything you need to obtain 100%.

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