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Six Wing Seraphs Recruitment // 360 // Semi-Roleplay


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Hey guys, Mitzies here brand new to the forums, but I'm looking for skilled people to join my crew and help me run it, in hopes of it becoming fairly popular. I have the ability to record videos with my HDPVR so we can represent our crew on YouTube. Id also like this crew to be active in the GTA Online community and with other crews, while waging war with other crews for turf around the city. That is where the role play element comes into play, our crew would control a certain area(s) in Los Santos/Blaine County. When it comes to turf war our crew will face off against another crew on a custom team deathmatch within our turf, or vice versa.

I'll be accepting 50 applications


1.0 KDR or over

Must be able to do some roleplay

Rep the crew

Respect others



Must be over 15

Be willing to play with other crew members

Work and communicate with other crews

​If you have experience with editing videos, managing a YouTube channel, or Graphic Design and would like to join mention that in application.


There will only be 6 commissioners.

Why only 6 Mitzies? Well my friends, the Seraph the highest of the Angels in the Celestial Hierarchy have six wings.

(Theses people will most likely be chosen by how they will benefit the crew within the community, Youtube and so forth)

The crew rankings follow the Celestial Hierarchy.

Does this mean the crew has something to do with religion or does religion matter in this crew? No, it doesn't I just think its a cool system as to how you advance through the crew. Simply that.

There will be 3 Lieutenants for every wing of the Hierarchy.

Will this ever change? Most likely when we recruit the second generation of the crew; another 50 members.

This crew will be involved in the community.

Whither it's challenging another crew to a turf war, or making a compilation of funny moments that occur while we play together.

Plus its just what I want.

Rep the block

Where the colors, stay in our territory, extort the public (Sticking up shops, robbing stands, bounty hunting, etc..)


Succeed where others suffer

Accepting Applications



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Welcome to GTAForums. I'm moving this over to our Recruitment section. Looks like you need a social club link to comply with the guidelines there, so I'd appreciate if you could add that.


Thanks and good luck.

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