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{PS3} Esoteric Mercenaries[EMRC] Recruiting


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Hello everyone,


Long time lurker here to post a recruitment thread for my crew. We've recently kicked a bunch of inactives and are looking to start off with a different objective. We are becoming more PvP oriented, but still want to do side activites such as races and missions.


Esoteric Mercenaries is now recruiting players interested in:

-Bounty Hunting (For sport and for hire)

-Gang wars (both NPC and with other crews)

-Team DM

-Obtaining gold/platinum awards (especially combat and crime



-Must join crew sessions

-Never harass or assault other members (the occasional accidental KO is acceptable)


We don't RP, but if you feel it'll liven things up go for it. We're also interested in doing new activities and taking new or different approaches to life in GTAO.

We're not looking to be huge, but we are looking to be efficient. Leaders will assist in gameplay help, money, and weapons. Members are expected to help other members in the same way.


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/esoteric_mercenaries

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