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PC gamers what do you think about this rant i found? (Raavi Dont Lock


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Pretty interesting read....

Welcome to the standards of console gaming, yes it took them 5 years to make this ****ing game the got rave reviews, the reason why? no pc release.


Average console gamer - person with no understanding or appreciation of a game including, details, expectations, and graphics, the average console gamer is a person who bought the whole damn console for 400-500 bucks and treats it as such, they spend 60 dollars on a damn game (brb not a sinlge pc game costs 60 bucks) because their friends got it, because they think it is the "new" thing, the average console gamer is like the average CoD fanboy, they see something that doesn't look 100% like something old, thats overhyped in the press and reviews (who get major bucks, 110mil spent on advertising and you think no under the table deals are being made brb giving game 99 rating and saying there is no way it could have possibly been better) and think they are getting the state of the art thing when infact they are getting butt****ed because of people like themselves to stupid to know better.


Average PC gamer - Hardcore, a devoted fan of at least 1 non mainstream game that you have probably never heard about, probably built the damn PC themselves takes the time to rebuild or upgrade parts, clean PC and keep PC clean, the average PC gamer will call rockstar on their bull****, brb saying map is bigger than the map of 3 open world games yet you can get from one end to the other in a truck in 6 minutes, brb adding minor features to series and putting back many features they took out in GTA IV because they realized they are ****tards, The average PC gamer isn't appeased with a game that is ****, especially multi player wise and won't hesitate to rip that ****er and post links all over the damn internet, they don't settle for **** tier graphics (rockstar made over 1 billion in 3 days selling a graphically inferior game when next gen consoles are going to be released in 2 months) because they spent good money getting the best of the best, heh next gen consoles? my 3 year old computer can still keep up with these things.


Thank console gamers and their lack of standards for the decent game that could have really been one of the greatest of all time but ended up as one of the major flops in gaming history.


Don't believe me?


rockstar hypes GTA V spending almost as much in adverts as they did DEVELOPING THE DAMN GAME FOR 5 YEARS, (if rockstar would have invested that money back into the game with 5 years they could have made a masterpiece)


rockstar only releases on the old consoles doesn't give a date for release with new consoles (rockstar knows more people will have the old consoles even 6 months after the new ones are released and wants to force gamers to purchase the game on old consoles if they want to play it within months of it's release let alone the first day, they could have easily waited the two months and release with new consoles)


rockstar knows the main focus on consoles is multiplayer so mass ripping of the game isn't an issue.


rockstar will then release the game with the new next gen consoles, they already had it made for them at worst they are fixing a few minor bugs probably not even ones that would make the release unviable. The sad thing is rockstar will release it within a couple months of the new consoles release IF NOT WITHIN WEEKS, and the ****ed up think is when have you seen a company not announce the release of their game even 6 months before?


rockstar has 2 months to rake in money on older consoles then when new consoles release GTA V will still be fairly new and one of the few(er) games available for new consoles and will be ever better because of the new graphics appeal, they will then proceed to have another nice jump in sales, even people who purchased it for their old consoles will purchase it again because whats another 60 bucks when your consoles are sooo cheap stupid people with their thousands of dollar computers have to wait and we get gfx just as good (lol). People WILL justify it that way.


once the dust has settled rockstar will release the game for PC and it will proceed to get ripped to shreds I guarantee it won't get reviews above 90 by publications that aren't in it's pocket (check smaller one if you don't ****ing believe me) still rockstar will have another small jump in sales despite the fact that many people who play it on PC will pirate it, which doesn't really hurt sales much because the ones who play it online still have to buy the damn thing and we get "screwed" because we had to wait months more for rockstar to give you console gamers the good dicking you deserve, in the end we get the best GFX tho.







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A pinned thread will be opened once the PC version gets announced.

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