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No please. We've agreed to let Hype die.


Although we knew him well, we must let him go.


Rest in Peace, Hype. 2013-2014.


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Who/what is Hype?


Isn't there already another a PC topic with countless pages? why do we need a new one?

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What a load of pessimists. Since when does GTAForums have to enforce a ban on discussion of any GTA-related topic their members want to talk about?


The only way this would make sense is if they knew something about the PC version. Oh god, I've never even bothered any degree of PC speculation till now, see what you've done?!


EDIT: I mean, seriously, that topic was so entertaining. You've taken hours of quality reading material right out of my hands...

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Jeez guys, only one of you needs to report it, not everyone ;)




P.S. Reporting threads after I've locked them is just annoying.

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Signatures are dumb anyway.

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