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Does anyone have Trevor and/or Lester (T/L) on their GTA online map? I watch youtubers and they have the T/L on their map. I'm a rank 96 and still don't have them. Are there any specific missions you have to do to unlock them? I've done just about every mission and still nothing. Is there anything special about it anyway? Once you get them on your map, can you go to them for things or do they unlock more missions? I've been wondering this for a long time. Thanks!

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If your 96 then you've passed them. Trevor comes up when you have to go to SS and meet with him, that unlocks all the Ron missions. Its pretty early maybe Rank 25 -30.


Lester does the same thing around lvl 40 or so, you have to meet him and then you can call him for bounties, wanted levels etc...


all way before lvl 96

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They both send you missions by phone, the only time you'll see a T or L on the map is when you're yet to meet them, once you meet that will vanish and they should send you missions.

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As a random encounter, I've seen Trevor as a random ped in Vespucci Beach and in front of his trailer throwing grenades. Never seen Michael, Franklin or Lester on the streets as a random ped.


As for them being on the map, with a marker. Laker23 is correct. You should have seen and run into them many many moons ago. That is how you unlock Ron and Lester missions. Surprised you are such a high level and never unlocked those.



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