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CoopZealot custom races


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Wanting to get more exposure for my [XBOX] tracks, hope some of you get some enjoyment out of these.

Oil Field series

Short variation: http://rsg.ms/1gT5gKY

Medium variation: http://rsg.ms/1gT5vps

Long variation: http://rsg.ms/1gT5GRM


Medium special variation: http://rsg.ms/1gT5T7u

Crossover variation (motorcycles recommended for the less skilled): http://rsg.ms/1gT5WA4

Dirt tracks

Crumble In The Quarry (Through the quarry northeast of the prison. Narrow roads, ledges, a few abrupt turns, a few jumps): http://rsg.ms/1gT6ean


Raton Ruckus (Through the roads around Raton Canyon. Narrow roads, ledges): http://rsg.ms/1gT6G8r


Slidin' Sideways (Through winding back roads north of the Vinewood sign. Several hairpins): http://rsg.ms/1gT7uKo


Grand Dam Lookout (Starts at the Vinewood hills lookout, runs through south Grand Senora desert, then ends on the far side of the dam. Speed-killing chicane at the end of the first leg, hairpin at end of second leg): http://rsg.ms/Q2MOKq


Tarmac tracks


La Puerta Madness (Along the southern shore of Los Santos, then doubles back through the spillway to a jump across to the marina helipad. Epic jumps, narrow space through spillway): http://rsg.ms/1gT7TN7


Ramped Up (Located around the LS business district. This one is my crowning achievement. The jumps on this map will blow your mind. Intentional use of speed-killers in some spots to keep users from hitting jumps too fast): http://rsg.ms/Q2MsDD


Dirt-to-tarmac transitions


Dam Circuit (Around the dam northeast of Los Santos. Potential shortcut along the north shore if you think you can keep 'er steady. Water hazards and a tight hairpin right at the end): http://rsg.ms/1gT9cLW

Vinewood Joyride (Through the back roads between the Vinewood sign and the suburb. Narrow roads, beware sudden drop after sign, and consecutive dirt after short tarmac portion): http://rsg.ms/1gT9NNz

Battle races

I don't know how much this concept has been explored by other creators, but I have started making tracks specificly designed for GTA races.

Crash Alley (My ode to FlatOut UC. It didn't come out quite how I wanted it, but it works. It would be much better if they would let us build tracks in the airport where there is nothing but flat ground): http://rsg.ms/1gTaQx5

Redwood Derby (Located at the dirtbike track south of Sandy Shores. Yes, I managed to fit a 16-player starting grid in there. No, I don't know how I did it): http://rsg.ms/1gTccb5


Criss Cross Crash (Located in the dockyard in south LS. Many right turns and tons of mayhem): http://rsg.ms/Q2LZkX

Bicycle races


Rockford Rooftops (Ontop of the mall just east of the central LS Customs. This is designed for BMX and Scorcher bikes. Pick something that can't bunnyhop and you're gonna have a bad time. Jumps, sharp turns): http://rsg.ms/1gTcleI

Chiliad National Catastrophy (Through the national park west of Mount Chiliad. Ability to bunny hop helps, but isn't necessary here. Jumps, tree hazards): http://rsg.ms/PSat03


I will come back and update this list as I create new races. Probably just land races. Don't expect any deathmatches from me.

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If anyone who decides to try 'em feels like leaving a review of any of the tracks, feel free. I won't bulk and moan at negative comments about my creations.

Oh, I suppose I should have put in the topic, but these are Xbox races.

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New additions today!

- Grand Dam Lookout
- Ramped Up (try this one, you're missing out if you don't!)
- Criss Cross Crash

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