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How do you back flip/front flip/barrel role on a 4-wheeler?


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Whenever I try to do anything on a 4-wheeler while in the air nonthing happens. Is it made not to do stunts??

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Technically they should do something. The 9F is in real life a quadro, the Bugatti and some other cars which in game name I don't know are 4 wheel drive and I can flip or control them while their're airborne.


Try the ramp at the airport - not that one which will help you get over the fence to the runway - which these to you fly really high and can take a closer look at it.

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Sandkings are very quick to spring and tumble due to the centre of gravity, but I feel this isn't the point (you still get the barrel roll award though). The merryweather mesa is another top heavy. As for techniques the ramps at the airport are great for back flips in most vehicles (speed is key). pull back as soon as the back wheels leave the ramp. As for rolls the old san andreas trick is relevant here. Find any ramp (airport ramps and even the aeroplane steps in the airport proper are good here) put two wheels up the ramp at speed and turn into the ramp as soon as the back wheel hits the ramp to begin the roll.


Finally to do stunts you should take your foot of the gas as soon as you've left the ramp (both cases)




On a technical point in real life. When flipping a bike there is a gyroscopic effect of the driven wheel that implies that when you gas the bike (rally cars are identical) the back drops due to the spinning force of the wheel, but if you hit the brakes the front will dip and/or the flip will stall.

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