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Fantasy Sports - MLB Edition: Post Your Draft Picks Here


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I just finished a fantasy draft for the upcoming MLB season with a league I've been a part of for the past five years.


Number of Teams: 12

Draft Picks Per Team: 20

Draft Rules: Snake


Here are my draft picks for my team this season:

Round 1 - Pick 5: Jhonny Peralta (SS - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 2 - Pick 20: Evan Longoria (3B - Tampa Bay Rays)

Round 3 - Pick 29: Peter Bourjos (CF - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 4 - Pick 44: Zack Grienke (SP - Los Angeles Dodgers)

Round 5 - Pick 53: Michael Wacha (SP - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 6 - Pick 68: Dan Uggla (2B - Atlanta Braves)

Round 7 - Pick 77: Carlos Beltran (RF - New York Yankees)

Round 8 - Pick 92: Donovan Hand (RP/SP - Milwaukee Brewers)

Round 9 - Pick 101: Chase Utley (2B - Philadelphia Phillies)

Round 10 - Pick 116: Kolten Wong (2B - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 11 - Pick 125: Jason Motte (RP - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 12 - Pick 140: Nick Swisher (1B/OF - Cleveland Indians)

Round 13 - Pick 149: A.J. Pierzynski (C - Boston Red Sox)

Round 14 - Pick 164: Carl Crawford (LF - Los Angeles Dodgers)

Round 15 - Pick 173: Russell Martin (C - Pittsburgh Pirates)

Round 16 - Pick 188: Jaime Garcia (SP - St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 17 - Pick 197: Steve Cishek (RP - Miami Marlins)

Round 18 - Pick 212: Derek Jeter (SS - New York Yankees)

Round 19 - Pick 221: Colby Rasmus (CF - Toronto Blue Jays)

Round 20 - Pick 236: Ryan Howard (1B - Philadelphia Phillies)


You are more than welcome to post your fantasy team on this thread if you took part of a league fantasy draft. Be sure to post the number of teams in your league, draft picks allotted, draft designation (Snake, Auction, etc.) and your draft picks (posted by Round, followed by overall draft pick number - e.g. Round 7 - Pick 77).


Feel free to discuss any strengths and weakness of their teams and give some pointers of who could be better suited for the team. For instance, with my team, I would be considered as a "homer". Most of the players on my team are from my favorite MLB team, the St. Louis Cardinals - and the fact that I have some strong pitchers from St. Louis (e.g. Wacha, Motte, Garcia) and some players who have potential in the Gateway To The West (e.g. Peralta, Wong, Bourjos). Otherwise, it is mostly a National League-dominant team. That might be viewed by some as a weakness.

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I wish I could find a good league for fantasy baseball. But everyone I know is only obsessed with football and even during baseball season they are only obsessed with their fantasy football teams. I wpuld suggest a GTAF league but there would hardly be any members

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I mean, sure - I like fantasy football as well, but I normally focus more on fantasy baseball.

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Maybe next season we should set up a GTAF fantasy league. Could be pretty fun.

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Maybe next season we should set up a GTAF fantasy league. Could be pretty fun.


I would surely think so. Looking forward to it.

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