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Recommended Capture Card?


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Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and I figured i'd use what money I got to invest in a capture card and hopefully start up a Youtube channel. I'm in college for a degree in graphic arts so editing won't be a big issue for me, but what capture card should I get? I'll mostly be playing GTA V and Ghosts for now until I get some more games.

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The first Hauppauge and the Intensity Pro were the best (only) options back in 2008/9, but since then, products from Elgato and AverMedia have offered heavy competition. I prefer the Elgato, because it has flashback recording and records in .TS format, giving you the option to trim/edit clips before re-wrapping them in .mp4. AverMedia has a couple of different cards with different features, like being able to operate it through an app or record straight to an external hard drive, negating the need to boot up your PC. Hauppauge themselves also just released a device that does standalone recording.

I'd say, read up on those models and see which features suit you most. :^:

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I use a Blackmagic Intensity Pro.
I can vouch for it but if you wanna record PS4/PS3 you're gonna need a whole bunch of little converter boxes and cables.

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