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Youtube channel looking for collaboration with other channels!

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I'm looking for other Youtubers to play GTA V with and to promote eachother.
I've got some very effective ways to promote our channels together.
I've just started mine a month ago, didn't do much videos with me talking in it yet, but will do from early April onwards!

Here's my channel:

I'm mainly looking to have fun, do some challenges, that kind of stuff on a daily basis.

It's important that you:
- Have a channel
- Got some editing skills
- Know how to make a thumbnail
- Have a quality look on your channel
- An adult (18+) voice.

- Play for fun, not for results, rankings or anything like that!
- You're on Xbox 360

That's it pretty much! :)

Let me know if you're interested!

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I sent you a message on YouTube as well, but I am interested in partnering with you. Here is a little about me and my channel:

17 years old

Use Roxio GameCapHD Pro for recording, a turtle beach headset for commentating, and very good editing software, so my videos are as good a quality as I can get them (still learning, can only get better)

I know how to make pretty decent thumbnails

NOT a squeaker

Play and record because it's entertaining; having a large fanbase is just an extra, awesome perk

Play Xbox 360, ONE, and some PC games

US Pacific Standard time; play often

My YouTube page is at http://bit.ly/1bWkJ0A My name is SlappinThaScope

One quick thing, I have an abnormally large view count for having a small amount of subscribers and only being on YouTube for a month, so I am doing something right in promoting my videos (not quite sure what I'm doing right, but something's working.)

Thanks guy, hope we can be future YouTube partners,


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